A precious gel with a exclusive composition for an immediate result, for all skin types and appropriate for year round treatment. It is not photo sensitizing and is suitable for all skin types. Potent Antioxidants and Modified Regenerating Acids is a supreme superior blend.  This formulation specially studied by Promoitalia research to lift and regenerate the skin in a pleasant and non-invasive way.

Its unique composition is formulated so that the active substances penetrate directly into the dermis in order to reach and destroy the protein fibers damaged by ageing. Its targeted action stimulates fibroblasts instantaneously by regenerating the epidermis and dermis damaged by the passing of time.

Designed to lift and regenerate skins in a pleasing and non-invasive way. The application it is performed through a delicate massage or by radio frequency for a deeper dermal infusion, immediately stretching wrinkles and improving the brightness of skin.

PQAge Evolution is recommended for:

  • Immediate lifting of the epidermis tissues
  • The a-traumatic biorivitalization of the face, neck and decollet√©, inner thigh, arm and breast
  • Non aggressive tissue rejuvenation
  • The treatment for all skin types.
  • Treatment available for stretch marks
  • Acne skin treatment
  • Fresh scars
  • Epidermis pigmentation